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Ishok Miskolika Vorand Jorand Delkiska Elegido Seinanodh "Vorand" is a boy with a vivid imagination and a peculiar way of thinking. Ever since he was a young child, Vorand thought that his neighbours, the Neighbourliens, were aliens—without having a reasonable explanation for it. He just knew it!

Vorand as MishEdit

In Book 1, chapter 8, Neighbourliens somehow makes Vorand faint and wake up in another world as a squid with human features, a molien. Mish is the name everyone calls him in that world.

Vorand and OthersEdit

Vorand and LorandEdit

Lorand is Vorand's younger twin brother. He is more than two months younger than Vorand. If you are wondering how that is possible; don't ask them, they don't know either. Though Vorand often has the power to make him do what he wants, Lorand is considered smarter than him and usually does most of the thinking. Lorand often accuses Vorand of being "too naïve".

Vorand, Lorand and SarjiEdit

Sarji is the younger sister of Vorand and Lorand. She often accompanies them when they are spying on the Neighbourliens. This is because she believes her elder brother's theories about their Neighbours being aliens and is often scared of them.

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